Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my site appear in Google searches?

    Yes, HeyWeb websites will appear in Google and other search engines.
  • Can I edit the content of the page?

    Yes, we have a simple, yet powerful, editor which you can use to change, add and remove content to your website.
  • Can I add multiple pages to my website?

    No. Heyweb is a "one page" website. In the past, people used to create websites with many pages - and visitors had to click around a lot to find the information they needed. The trend today is to put all the relevant information on one page, if possible. With Heyweb, you can add as many sections you wish to your webpage. We provide customized sections of many types.
  • Can I use my own domain name?

    Yes, if you have bought a domain name you can use it as address for your HeyWeb site.
  • Will my website look good on mobile devices?

    Yes, HeyWeb websites automatically looks good on both desktop, touch pads, and mobile devices.
  • Can I cancel the subscription at any time?

    Yes, of course! Once you cancel we won't charge you again. You pay for the subscription in advance, which means that if you're on the monthly plan you'll get to use the service until the end of the period.
  • How does the payment work?

    First of all, you sign in and edit your webpage. When you feel that your site looks nice, you click "Publish". Upon publishing, you add your credit card, and select either a monthly or yearly payment plan. You'll get a receipt over email.
  • How does the 30 days free trial work?

    We won't charge you until 30 days after you publish your website. If you cancel the subscription before that - which you can do with a simple click on the settings page - you'll never get charged at all.