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How does it work?

  • We turn your Facebook page into a website

    A beautiful and fuctional website is created based on your Facebook page. If you've entered your location on Facebook, the website will contain a map and address. If you've added opening hours your website will have an opening hours section.

  • It's automatically kept up to date

    Whenever you post stuff on your Facebook page, it will automatically get added as news posts on your website. Post an Instagram photo, and it'll show up in the photo gallery. If you want to change something on your site, you can easily do it using our dead simple editor.

  • And much more

    Use your own custom domain. The website works great on both mobile phones, computers and tablets. Let your visitors sign up for your Newsletter. Show your Instagram photos on the site. And much more. To see a list of features, go to the Features page.

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